Messages: The Communication Skills Book (2009)

MATTHEW MCKAY, PH.D. MARTHA DAVIS, PH.D PATRICK FANNING Many people assume that good communicators possess an intrinsic talent for speaking and listening to others, a gift that can’t be learned or improved. The reality is that communication skills are developed with deliberate effort and practice, and learning to understand others and communicate your ideas more clearly will improve every facet … Read More

Couple Skills: Making Your Relationship Work (2006)

MATTHEW MCKAY, PH.D. PATRICK FANNING KIM PALEG, PH.D. Love takes work, but, when it comes to relationships, it pays to work smarter. Couple Skills , Second Edition, revised and updated from the therapist-recommended classic, will show you how to work smarter in your relationship. You’ll learn to improve communication, cope better with problems, and resolve conflicts with the one you … Read More