The Therapist

Louise Wilson Marques

Owns, manages and is Clinical Therapist of OUTLOOK Counselling Services (2012-current) providing services to Local, Provincial and National organisations

Owned, managed and was Clinical Therapist in a private practice for thirteen years (1998-2011) in Northern Manitoba, providing comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services to various Local, Provincial and National organisations

Has consistently maintained long-term EAP contracts with Industry, Health and Education

Was raised/lived in Northern Manitoba for forty years then, in 2012, relocated to Southern Manitoba

Private Practice

  • Twenty-two years experience as a Private Therapist
  • Twenty-one years private practice experience as Owner and Therapist
  • Eighteen years service provision to Manitoba Blue Cross Employee Assistance Program (2001-2019)
  • Owner and Therapist of OUTLOOK Counselling Services (2012-current) — Past Owner and Therapist of a private practice (1998-2011)

Past Service Provision

  • Public Sector: Child & Family Services; Community Mental Health
  • Private Sector: Local, Provincial and National Organisations


  • Thirty years of clinical service provision
  • Registered Clinical Social Worker with Manitoba College of Social Workers
  • Clinical experience in public and private sectors

EAP Provision

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Groups
  • Organisations: Industry, Health and Education

Philosophy Statement

In my practice, counselling is a collaborative process that empowers individuals to connect to and understand self. In the midst of life challenges, individuals often do not realise that they have existing coping skills.

Collaborative counselling enhances existing coping skills, leading to increased confidence to cope and manage life challenges. Service provision is tailored to each individual in context of presenting life challenges.

Throughout the counselling process individuals understand that it is possible to learn to live with life challenges, past and present, differently over time. Collaborative counselling promotes independence by developing sustainable coping and management strategies applicable in all life circumstances.

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